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Hey, I'm

coach matt

For over a decade I worked at NASA as Technologist, building satellites, helping our astronauts get into space and developing technology for breaking the sound barrier. It wasn’t until I woke up one morning and couldn’t get out of bed that I realized: there may be some more important barriers that I need to breakthrough myself.


I was severely depressed. For years I had stuffed my emotions away and told myself everything was “OK” when it wasn’t, and that had finally caught up to me.

Being coached is what helped me climb my way out of that dark hole and now I get the opportunity to return that loving  kindness back to you. As an Identity & Results coach, I work with people who are ready to make massive shifts in their lives and reconnect with their truth


Whether you're struggling with depression, anxiety, self-worth, relationship hurt, rediscovering you or anything else... let me support you in getting the life you want, now.


The first step to changing your life...

is changing yourself.  



WILL support You


If you were to get completely honest with yourself, are you truly happy or are there parts of yourself that feel unfulfilled? The life that you deserve is definitely possible, what holds most people back is their lack of clarity on what is in their way and on what they really want. 


If you're going to get to the next level, its NECESSARY get full control over your mind! Let me show you the tools I have learned, and use, to help you direct your mind in a way that serves you. 


Confidence is key to changing your life. The biggest hurdle for most is not being confident that they deserve better at all. Getting a deeper understanding of yourself and building the confidence needed to take a leap of faith and bet on you will be what helps you really get a firm hold on the power you have within. 


Learn the power of language and how that can have a huge impact on your overall happiness and success. Also, learn tactics and tools on how to communicate with others in a way that makes arguments IMPOSSIBLE


At the end of the day, most of us just want happiness. Find where it has been hiding, tools to make it part of your daily life and how to make it a art of your core.



“Matthew was the perfect stranger with the right questions to show me I was suffering from decades of my own painful emotions. Then he helped me see connections and to heal with genuine compassion and love” 

“Coach Matt's superpower is his ability to ask tough questions and to challenge people's 'stuck' mindsets with a gentleness and kindness that makes people immediately feel safe to open up.”

"He is amazing. He helped me to stop letting fear and negative thoughts eat away at me and I feel so much better, lighter and grounded than ever before."

"Matthew is a game changer. Working with him has allowed me to transcend whats held me back for years. There are no words to express how much he has shifted my life."

“I am infinitely grateful! I made realizations not just in my mind, but in my heart and my whole person. I am super thankful for his insight, honesty and walking in his purpose so he could help me walk into mine with a new mind and new plan”

“Awesome is an understatement! He asked me the questions I wouldn't ask myself so I could get the answers and solutions that I really wanted.”

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