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10 Day Total Reset Box

10 Day Total Reset Box

$295.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price

This 10 Day reset box is one of the most amazing things I have ever created! I spent months pouring over notes from sessions, seminars, trainings, research and my own life experiece and was able to boil it all down to ten days of amazing activities & actions that will reshape your life. If you are serious about taking things to the next level- this is for you!


In just a few days you will:

  • Make your schedule work for you & orchestrate your daily habits to lead to fulfillment
  • Learn how to do mirror work and  launch an affirmation routine that fills your soul
  • Learn a morning priming practice that centers you in gratitude and appreciation
  • Release pain you’ve been carrying for years and fall back in love with yourself
  • Become more aware of your emotions and how to interrupt them with intention
  • Remove internal limits and create new empowering beliefs
  • Learn how to harness your power of choice and create the life you want the most


... and honestly, that's not even all of it. 


Whether you're brand new to the personal development world and are looking to 'dip your toe in' or you are a seasoned growth junkie and are looking to unpack something specific / find some new tools to reignite your motivation -  this is for you!


You will receive eveything you need to make your reset a success including:


  • 10 Day Total Reset Workbook
  • New Daily Habit Planning
  • High-Performance Planner
  • Nutrition & Sleep Supplements
  • Skincare Products
  • Your First Gifted Book
  • Affirmation Cards


+ More Bonus Goodies

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